Sunday, August 26, 2012


Growing up I loved to read. I loved good LDS novels written by people such as Jack Weyland, Anita Stansfield, Rachel Nunes and many more... (these are all my books :) if you want to borrow any i'd love to share!) When I was a sophomore in high school my advanced English teacher had a little library at the back of his room and one day I wondered over to take a peek, I picked up a book with a scantly clad Indian on the cover smoochin a sophisticated English woman. Needless to say I proceed to take a gander inside this book. What I read made my cheeks flame! Did I put it down? Nope, I went on to read just about every Harlequin Romance Novel on that back shelf. Some could debate if I was mature enough to read such material, I might have to lean towards probably not. I may or may not have laughed and read the "goss" parts to my friends at lunch time so we all could get a good giggle at what I was reading.  With this being said I am not ashamed that I read these books, kinda embarrassed but to be honest they didn't do a whole lot for me in the sexual department. The reason for this post is for my mom and Amanda :)  I have been told that I live in a fantasy land. I expect Love, romance and to be swept off my feet. I want KEN.  My mom and sister would say that I ruined my chances of every being satisfied with a REAL man because I would read these books and have expectations! I would..( you ready for it?) I would tell them they were wrong! I know! how rude of them huh I am never wrong! But here you go mom/Amanda. You were kind of right. haha that's all I got, just kind of :) Yes I should not have been reading books with that sexual content.  Most of the time I would skim over it because it truly would embarrass me. (but not always) What really ruined me was the music I listened to.  My mom is thinking right now, I told you shouldn't have been listening to that rap crap haha. No not rap or rock n roll or even backstreet boys. It was country music. There I said it. I have an addiction to country music. But seriously can you blame me. If you have time click on this link and tell me, how do I quit this?! or this
  I mean seriously its like that Christmas song "Baby its cold outside" only sung by a cowboy!
how about his one? gah! And I don't even need the videos, I can be driving in my car and get to chills, even though I told my mom I don't listen to the lyrics I can usually sing an entire song start to finish after hearing it two or three times. oops sorry mom, I lied.
 Shwoo! I feel so much better getting that off my chest... now that everything is out there this is my favorite addiction.. Luke Bryan is yummy and the great part is BJ likes him too! Its so nice that we can understand each other. See mother I got both! A REAL man that can enjoy my romance with me. But thank you for teaching my to listen to good music without your strict guidelines to not listen to rap crap I would probably have Bieber fever and hate Selena Gomez :/ just kidding don't be mad mom.

and for those of you with A LOT of time this is BJs favorite. and

This is my Song for BJ

The moral of the story is if the Harlequin books were made into a musical they would probably have been a little more dangerous.

Here is a picture of Carli to clean this blog up a little..

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My ode to Idaho

This last week I have been spending my time in Idaho. Being there made me realize just how much I miss open green fields, baby cows and friendly laid back people. I have come to feel like Utah is my home or better said.. Home is where the heart is. Well my heart lives in Pleasant Grove & I have made the best of it. I have made a handful of friends but after driving through the wide open welcoming fields of Melba Idaho I remembered that nothing calls to me like wide open fields! I went out and visited with my buddy Mike who lives out there and drove past my turn twice while admiring the view :)

 For the first part of my visit (which bj was here for) we stayed with his parents. We ate at on of my favorite Chinese restaurants The Hong Kong. mmm I can't find any place that even come close to it here in utah. that was Thursday night. On friday BJ his dad Bryan, Me and my dad went golfing at purple sage. Man if that place doesn't make me want to jump right back to 2000! I loved living on the golf course and all the memories that come with that house! Friday night my family went to Givins hot springs :) and for anyone who has ever been there knows how ghetto it is but it is a family swimming hole!

On Saturday we went once again out to Melba for BJ's cousins boys baptism. While sitting listening to the program I was once again touched by how open people are in Idaho. The lady who did the program was so kind and dotted on each one of the kids and there were 8 kids! that's alot of dotting!  We went to a dinner afterwards and got to catch up with other family that was in town.

 Sunday we had dinner at BJ's parents house and Bryan and I got to stuff the Easter eggs. Let me tell ya... that is a fun job.. Jude (BJ's mom) put on a great Easter egg hunt for Carli and BJ's sister Jaime's kids which turned into a race for the adults to find all the other eggs the little ones didn't find.  BJ headed back to Utah at about 5 Sunday night :( / :)  now the fun begins

 Monday I moved houses and stayed with my parents. Monday my mom watched carli while I went and got a manicure and my hair done. which was long over due! I haven't had my hair done since January 1st.  It was so nice to be able to go and enjoy those things without Carli crying or getting into everything. Thanks mom!
Monday night I went out to  Missy's house (my old babysitter) she has girls that I use to babysit :)  Her oldest girl turned 15 so Amanda and I went out for dinner. It was A LOT of fun! Missy made Costa Vida taco that were amazing... I believe I had 4 tacos haha it was THAT good.

Tuesday was a nice lazy day Amanda had errands to run So I hung out with the kiddos all day outside, it made for an awesome day!

Notice how her clothes slowly came off... That my friends is a sign of a good play day! Tuesday night my whole family went to dinner for my grandpa Wayners birthday. When asked where he wanted to eat he replied with Golden Corral. Amanda and I both threw up in our mouths a little when we heard but I guess enough people complained so it got changed to Texas roadhouse! BJ was so jealous when he heard :) I guess that will teach him to bail out early!  Before we went to dinner Amanda Suvee and I took the kids out to my brothers grave in Middleton. It was fun for me because I haven't taken Carli out there yet so it was her first time visiting uncle Cody!  We ended the night with a nice dip in the hot tub!

 Wednesday Amanda and I went into town. She had to meet with her taxes guy and I decided to have her drop me off at the Velvet Touch hair school in Nampa to get a pedicure :):) that was nice. I usually do my toes on my own but hey! I'm on vacation right?? anyway after I was done Amanda picked me up and we met up with my dad to go golfing at Farview in Caldwell. That was a blast from the past and lots of fun! That night I went back out to my friend Missy's young womens mutual activity. They asked me to come out and teach prom up-dos! I have to admit I wasn't sure if I would like it or even be good at it, but I love doing up-dos and I love doing hair and once I got up and started talking it was a blast! I was glad I got the chance to do it. When I got back my mom said Carli had a rough time... She fell a couple times and split her lip.  :( Thanks Suvee

 Thursday I met up with Erin my friend from high school and had lunch at Red Robin yum! It was really nice to see her and catch up but we learned that it is really difficult to catch up with three crazy kids screamin and kickin ;) Then I went out and met up with the fam who was out hitting balls at  driving range in Boise called Divots. Abby my sister was there so it was nice to see her and have her see carli. From there I headed over to another friend Angelie's house. She and I were roommates right before we both got married. she has a little girl that it about a month younger then Carli named Lucy! Lucy is such a doll! We decided that they will be best friends... some how.. 6 hours apart... haha its a good thought though.  From there I hurried back to Caldwell to meet up with my family for dinner and our families classic restaurant Acapulco. While I was out there I swung by a place that BJ and I "visited" while we were dating once. I wanted to see if our art work was still there and low and behold it was!! Aagain the night was finished off with a nice dip in the hot tub.

 Haha I know I'm so lame. Friday morning I packed up and got on the road by ten. I was anxious to get back to my own bed and BJ!  I haven't been on a raod trip with Carli in awhile so it wasn't as easy this time cause she doesn't sleep as much. She fought sleeping so hard! I was about to go crazy with her squealing and squacking around the boarder when she got real quiet. I looked in my rear view mirror and Carli as OUT! FINALLY! But when I looked at her I had to do a double take! So I turned around to get a better look .. and yup... I saw right.. Carli had fallen asleep with her gram cracker still in her mouth! haha I love that girl!

So that was my spring break! Now can you see why I would feel the need to dedicate this blog post to Idaho? Idaho is awesome and wonderful! I am glad to be home though. So was Carli....

But thats just me...

Monday, March 5, 2012


I finally figured out how to get back into my blogger account. I couldn't remember how to get back in, if that says anything about how often I blog...
  I have had so many wonderful things happen in my life recently. I will post pictures when I receive them from BJ's cousin Kara. untill then I would like to leave you with a few pictures of my day job. 

Did i mention that I love my Job?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

God made dirt SO dirt don't hurt?

We have a little problem in our house. For those of you that know me I am NOT a germaphobe! I am not afraid to pick a cracker up off the floor and give it right back to Carli without EVEN blowing it off or whatever your suppose to do for that situation... sooooo when I caught Carli eating dirt out of my plant I just laughed and cleaned her up. BJ brought up a good point though.... it has little white things in it like such...
I don't know what it is, and as you can see that I'm not too terribly concerned cause I could be Googling it right now instead of blogging but BJ said it could be to a chemical to help plants grow that isn't ok for Carli to digest so sadly I had to get after her today when she would stop by the plant for a little snack. She looked so sad when I slapped at her hand and didn't understand why I was talking to her like that.... man I hate being the parent! Being the aunt was so much easier. But here is a funny picture of when I caught her the second time.
haha I LOVE HER!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pics of Car Car

 Mornings with daddy! I love this picture because they both have sleepy faces!
Carli loves just being next to BJ. If he leaves she will either haul crawl after him or cry. so cute!
Our Pumpkins:)  BJ made a bear because his nickname for Carli is Bear. She huffs and puffs all over the house growling and grunting. funniest thing ever. I'm lame and just made an M for Millar

My little Ducky!!

Helping dad with laundrykisses for daddy :)