Sunday, August 26, 2012


Growing up I loved to read. I loved good LDS novels written by people such as Jack Weyland, Anita Stansfield, Rachel Nunes and many more... (these are all my books :) if you want to borrow any i'd love to share!) When I was a sophomore in high school my advanced English teacher had a little library at the back of his room and one day I wondered over to take a peek, I picked up a book with a scantly clad Indian on the cover smoochin a sophisticated English woman. Needless to say I proceed to take a gander inside this book. What I read made my cheeks flame! Did I put it down? Nope, I went on to read just about every Harlequin Romance Novel on that back shelf. Some could debate if I was mature enough to read such material, I might have to lean towards probably not. I may or may not have laughed and read the "goss" parts to my friends at lunch time so we all could get a good giggle at what I was reading.  With this being said I am not ashamed that I read these books, kinda embarrassed but to be honest they didn't do a whole lot for me in the sexual department. The reason for this post is for my mom and Amanda :)  I have been told that I live in a fantasy land. I expect Love, romance and to be swept off my feet. I want KEN.  My mom and sister would say that I ruined my chances of every being satisfied with a REAL man because I would read these books and have expectations! I would..( you ready for it?) I would tell them they were wrong! I know! how rude of them huh I am never wrong! But here you go mom/Amanda. You were kind of right. haha that's all I got, just kind of :) Yes I should not have been reading books with that sexual content.  Most of the time I would skim over it because it truly would embarrass me. (but not always) What really ruined me was the music I listened to.  My mom is thinking right now, I told you shouldn't have been listening to that rap crap haha. No not rap or rock n roll or even backstreet boys. It was country music. There I said it. I have an addiction to country music. But seriously can you blame me. If you have time click on this link and tell me, how do I quit this?! or this
  I mean seriously its like that Christmas song "Baby its cold outside" only sung by a cowboy!
how about his one? gah! And I don't even need the videos, I can be driving in my car and get to chills, even though I told my mom I don't listen to the lyrics I can usually sing an entire song start to finish after hearing it two or three times. oops sorry mom, I lied.
 Shwoo! I feel so much better getting that off my chest... now that everything is out there this is my favorite addiction.. Luke Bryan is yummy and the great part is BJ likes him too! Its so nice that we can understand each other. See mother I got both! A REAL man that can enjoy my romance with me. But thank you for teaching my to listen to good music without your strict guidelines to not listen to rap crap I would probably have Bieber fever and hate Selena Gomez :/ just kidding don't be mad mom.

and for those of you with A LOT of time this is BJs favorite. and

This is my Song for BJ

The moral of the story is if the Harlequin books were made into a musical they would probably have been a little more dangerous.

Here is a picture of Carli to clean this blog up a little..

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  1. Hehe I love to read those kind of books too :) wish I lived closer to u so I could borrow some.